About Us



The team behind the development of Villa Monitor has between them over 30 years

experience of designing, supplying, and supporting Access Control systems. We have all been involved in some of the largest and most prestigious projects undertaken not only in the UK but Worldwide.


The Villa Monitor range of equipment was a born from a system that we originally

designed for a Charitable Trust who wanted to manage all of their sheltered housing developments remotely.


Their aim was to allow residents easy access without the necessity of keys, whilst giving them control of the entry into these buildings and have the ability to obtain a number of detailed reports They liked our designs and approved our system.

Since conception we have, with our installation partner installed  over 250 properties, and the customer has the solution they desired.


Due to the success of this venture we realised that the system had uses in other areas. Essentially where it would be used to provide a solution where people could maintain control of their property from anywhere and know who was going in and out and when.


We identified Holiday properties, especially ones that were rented out were left unsecure in the main due to the amount of keys in circulation for each property. So after talking to a variety of Owners and Property Management Companies, and successful trials on properties from Florida, to the Canary Islands, and Mainland Europe, Villa Monitor in its latest form was launched.


At Villa Monitor we are totally committed to developing the product further and to

working closely with our customers to ensure that the equipment they buy, the services they pay for and the reports they receive are what they want and not what we think they need.

Where to find us:


Villa Monitor Ltd

Unit E7

Arena Business Centre

Nimrod Way


BH21 7WH


Phone: 0844 736 5745


Fax: 0844 736 5729


Email: info@villa-monitor.com

What's new?


With our latest version you can now:


Program the NEW Villa Monitor unit via i Phone/ i Pad or any Safari enabled device at no extra cost.


Utilise your existing locking and multi-lock door furniture.


Add a CCTV camera to the unit and view your property online.


The new unit will even give your property FREE wifi !