What will it do for me?

  • First and foremost the system provides you with a simple and convenient way of managing who enters your property without the need to issue any keys from anywhere in the World By adding a CCTV camera you can even view your property on your PC/Laptop/or Tablet.

  • It can even give you FREE WIFI
  • You no longer have to keep replacing lost keys or have the cost of changing locks, thus helping to reduce your ongoing maintenance costs

  • You and your guests will no longer need to carry key


  • It will provide a higher level of security for both you and your guests


  • Late arrivals and overstays can be accommodated easily.


  • You no longer have any need to meet guests in the middle of the night. They just simply turn up and enter their designated code


  • There’s no leaving keys under pots, behind bars or the need for a ‘key’ holder


  • Guests can’t lock themselves out.

  • Every keypad reader is backlit, so no more fumbling around in the dark

  • You even get a Monthly report emailed to you showing, not only who has entered your property but also any attempts that are made.It also details who has been in the property and for exactly how long. 


  • Plus you get Local and International support 24 hrs a day 365 days a year.

How does it work?


Using sophisticated SIM technology or your existing wifi it allows you to manage your property without the need to issue keys.


It gives you complete control over who is admitted to your property without you being anywhere near.


By entering your unique password into the system you can make changes, view reports or even view your property.


Guests who have booked the property are sent their own unique PIN code for the exact length of their stay.


So too are all contractors and cleaners. Each is given their own code and designated times.


Every month you get an ‘Entry Audit’ by email or fax. It details who has been in the property and for exactly how long.


The end result is a higher level of security for you and your guests.






Where to find us:


Villa Monitor Ltd

Unit E7

Arena Business Centre

Nimrod Way


BH21 7WH


Phone: 0844 736 5745


Fax: 0844 736 5729


Email: info@villa-monitor.com

What's new?


With our latest version you can now:


Program the NEW Villa Monitor unit via i Phone/ i Pad or any Safari enabled device at no extra cost.


Utilise your existing locking and multi-lock door furniture.


Add a CCTV camera to the unit and view your property online.


The new unit will even give your property FREE wifi !