The ideal entry solution for holiday villas & apartments.


When you are hundreds or thousands of miles away from a property you own how can you be sure who is in it.


 Over the years dozens of sets of your keys have been issued to:

 Maintenance Companies

 Letting / Estate Agents





How many of them have been lost?


How many are still out there?


Any person who has ever been issued with a key to your property can obtain a duplicate and gain access whenever they wish and you would never know.

Lost or copied keys not only compromise the security of your property, guests and their property, but continually having to change locks adds a great deal to your running costs.


So what can you do to make sure only the right people can get into your property?


You can get wall mounted key safes with combination locks and change the number frequently, but that doesn’t solve the problem because the keys stay the same.


Changing all the locks and keys every year minimises the risk, but even if you only change the lock barrels, it’s an expensive and inconvenient business, but the problem remains the same.


How do your guests get the keys?

  • Is it by post?
  • Does someone meet them?(Sometimes in the middle of the night).
  •  Are they left in a key safe? Where the number is rarely if ever changed, and If it's dark your guests could be fumbling around with the wheels, hardly a good start to their stay.


Whatever the scenario, the weak link is the key, so what can you do to make your lives, your guests stay easier, reduce costs, and provide more security for your property.

The Solution



The simple to install, LOW COST, Villa Monitor Keyless Entry and Monitoring System that will not only help save money on your ongoing costs, and provide you with a higher level of security, it will take the stress of key management away forever.


Unlike a manual system such as a key safe, the unique code generated by our software can be programmed Months in advance, but the code will not work until the date and time it is set to.


In addition we send you a report generated by the system for you highlighting the entry's and any attempted entry's into your property each Month. 

Where to find us:


Villa Monitor Ltd

Unit E7

Arena Business Centre

Nimrod Way


BH21 7WH


Phone: 0844 736 5745


Fax: 0844 736 5729



What's new?


With our latest version you can now:


Program the NEW Villa Monitor unit via i Phone/ i Pad or any Safari enabled device at no extra cost.


Utilise your existing locking and multi-lock door furniture.


Add a CCTV camera to the unit and view your property online.


The new unit will even give your property FREE wifi !